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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ever After High "Kiss and Spell" Book Review

I keep delaying in writing summaries for all the books I wanted to review so I'm going to remedy that today. We will be reviewing the Ever After High book "Kiss and Spell."

Main Character: Ginger Breadhouse (daughter of the Candy Witch)

Length: 224 pages

Author: Suzanne Selfors

Summary (contains spoilers, I will do my best to not give too much away): Ginger Breadhouse is an only child and had a hard time fitting in at school when she was younger because her classmates were scared of her mother. She went to several different schools in order to disguise who her mom is, she was relived  to be able to go to Ever After High. At Ever After High everyone knows who her mom is so she doesn't have to worry about keeping her identity a secret anymore.
Ginger has her own cooking mirror cast, but it isn't as popular as Blondie's or Daring's mirror cast. In order to keep her show on the air she decides to bake a magic spell into one of her recipes. She makes a deal with Professor Rumplestilskin, he will give her a wish cake recipe in exchange for a date with her mom. The wish cake can only be made once in a lifetime and can grant a small wish to the person who consumes it.
Ginger wants Hopper Croakington to have the wish cake so that he won't turn into a frog around his crush Briar Beauty, the catch is that Ginger has a crush on Hopper.
Blondie helps spread the word about what will be happening on Ginger's mirror cast to the whole school, and she gets a huge live audience. Hopper eats the wish cake and makes his wish, as soon as he makes his wish Briar walks in and he turns into a frog. Everyone belives the wish cake didn't work and leaves, Ginger can't figure out what went wrong. When she goes looking for Hopper she realizes that he had made a second wish that was granted, he wished to remain a frog. Hopper's wish to remain a frog was smaller than his wish to not turn into a frog around Briar, and since the wish cake only works on small wishes it was the one granted. 
When frog Hopper evades Ginger's attempts to catch him Ginger gets help from Apple, Briar, Ashlynn and Raven to turn him back. Since Apple, Briar, Ashlynn and Raven are princesses a kiss from one of them should be enough to turn Hopper back. Blondie follows the group out to the swamp to film them for her mirror cast. Ginger is helping catch frogs for the other girls to kiss but since it is a swamp there are a lot of frogs and no one is sure which one is Hopper. Ginger notices a dragonfly buzzing around her head and recognizes it as Hopper's pet dragonfly. The dragonfly leads Ginger to the frog that is Hopper and once Hopper is kissed he turns back into his human form.
Ginger then hosts a new episode of her mirror cast and invites her mother to be the special guest. Ginger realizes that she wants her mom to just be herself and she should be too.

Final Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book, even more than "Next Top Villain", I found Ginger's character very relatable. I'm looking forward to reading the new book that comes out in July featuring Darling Charming. If you only want to read one of the available Ever After High books by Suzanne Selfors I would recommend this one.