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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flea Market sightings

It's always fun to stop into antique and thrift stores and flea markets just to see different things. I ventured out yesterday since it was the first almost warm day we have had here for awhile. I stopped at several shops I have never seen before. I came across some interesting things and thought I would share them with you. 
First we have several different doll houses and furniture. I love the miniature wooden furniture in the first one. The sign said one of the doll houses is for Madeline, but I'm not certain. 
The store also had a Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) doll with a trunk and several outfits from episodes of the show. There was a Marilyn Monroe doll with a trunk and several outfits including the famous red dress. A Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wedding day doll in its case, and a Shirley Temple doll with a trunk and a few outfits. There was also a vintage doll that reminded me of a Kewpie doll.
I have to say the Shirley Temple doll was my favorite but out of my price range.
Did you see anything interesting over the weekend?