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Monday, April 15, 2013

Flashback Friday: Cabbage Patch Toddler Kid

I know I'm a few days late, but it has been crazy here the last few days. The Flashback
Friday for this week (actually last week) is my adorable Cabbage Patch Toddler Kid. His birth certificate says his name is Garcia and he was found at an estate sale still in his box.  His box is copyrighted 1988 and he is the "Kid in the Middle." Cabbage Patch kids were created by Xavier Roberts in the late 70's. The story of the Cabbage Patch started appearing in 1983 and most dolls have a replica of Xavier Roberts signature on their bottom. All the dolls are "born" at Babyland General Hospital and each doll comes with a birth certificate with their first and middle name and adoption papers. The dolls have a soft hugable body and hard plastic head, most of the older ones have yarn hair, while the newer ones have nylon hair. Garcia has red looped yarn hair and green eyes and a dimple in his left cheek. His red jumper has green cars, the words "speed limit 55", "vroom" and "honk" on it. He is wearing red and white hard plastic tennis shoes and white socks. He is in great shape for his age and is a real cutie.
Do you have any Cabbage Patch Kids?